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  • The Our Neighborhood Voices (ONV) State Initiative will STOP the destructive, top-down zoning laws coming from Sacramento and return zoning decision-making to cities and towns.

  • We support ONV's ballot initiative. ONV is working hard to give every California voter a say about what happens in their own neighborhoods — but they need your help!

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  • DONATE They need funding to push this across the finish line. Click here to donate today.

  • Prepare to collect signatures. View this Initiative Timeline to understand the initiative process.

  • Invite fellow activists and friends and host an ONV House Party to ask questions and learn more about the Initiative and signature collection process.

You Made Our First Citywide Town Hall a Success!

Hosted on 3/27/2023 by Neighbors For A Better San Diego for Our Neighborhood Voices

"Thank you for ALL that you are doing. The information that you shared tonight was worse than I thought across the state and I already thought it was bad in San Diego. This is a BIG DEAL - count me in!"

~ Town hall attendee


April 9, 2024

Deregulating San Diego - The Bonus ADU program

The details of San Diego's Bonus ADU program were buried on page 5 of the 2020 Planning Department Staff Report, while page 1 declared that the proposal was implementing state law...(open)

March 27, 2024

Deregulating San Diego - SB 10

The SB 10 bullet we dodged was peddled as "Missing Middle Housing" by City Hall.

It wasn't, and here's why it matters...(open)

March 21, 2024

Deregulating San Diego - Complete [Chaos in Our] Communities

Of all the significant land-use policies approved by the San Diego City Council in 2020 amid COVID lockdowns, the most impactful is Complete Communities Housing Solutions (CCHS), yet most San Diegans are unaware of how CCHS can affect their neighborhoods...(open)

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