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In response to the San Diego Union-Tribune

February 18, 2024 — A February 15 Opinion column in the San Diego Union-Tribune grossly misstated the mission of Neighbors For A Better San Diego (NFABSD). It's very unfortunate that the Union-Tribune's editors did not fact-check this wildly inaccurate column and contact us for a response before publishing it. That's why it's vitally important for us to correct the errors and mistruths. 

NFABSD is not — and never has been — supported by "anti-housing advocates who have relentlessly resisted pro-housing policy implementation." Nor have we "doubled down on … efforts to keep San Diego low-density and exclusionary."  In fact, the public record confirms that NFABSD has, since our inception, supported smart, sustainable growth, including the construction of multi-unit housing projects, especially for very-low and low-income residents, and within realistic walkable distance to transit, retail, and public facilities.

Unlike the author of this scurrilous column, we vigorously opposed the "off-siting" of affordable units to so-called "moderate" neighborhoods. We urged San Diego's City Council to keep the requirement that developers of Complete Communities projects include their very-low and low-income units in the same building as their market-rate units, which was how the concept of Complete Communities was sold to the public in 2020 and one of the main reasons the City Council voted for it.

Sadly, these grossly misinformed attacks appear to be nothing more than an attempt to deregulate the housing industry — either intentionally or out of ignorance.

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