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(Link to SDA draft map is below)

SDA slides_Planning For Reality.jpg
SDA, TPA, OMG... Where does your home fall on the map?

The Planning Department relies on residents thinking that they won’t be affected by the flood of regulations that target single-family neighborhoods, and the Sustainable Development Area (SDA) is no exception. If you are unsure whether you are among the 50% of homeowners targeted by the new SDA regulations, click HERE to view the draft map and find out.

USER TIP:  Select the Layer icon on top of the left-side panel. Then toggle between the different overlays to compare boundaries. (And if you're confused by the map, imagine how challenging it's going to be for DSD to administer.)

Latest Updates

June 2, 2023

SB 10 Update

In all, there were over 850 comments submitted, with almost all of them opposing SB 10. The commissioners had many reservations about SB 10 and several shared our concerns about the size and scope of it...(open)

May 30, 2023

SB 10 ACTION ALERT: Planning Commission meeting, June 1

The Mayor's Planning Department continues its push with the Housing Action Plan (HAP) 2.0, which includes the SB 10 opt-in. The next opportunity to push back against San Diego’s proposed SB 10 implementation is the Planning Commission meeting this Thursday, June 1st, 2023 at 9 AM... (open)

May 11, 2023

Recap of Protests...

Hundreds of San Diego residents protest Mayor’s reckless housing initiatives... (open)

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