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Where does your home fall on the Sustainable Development Area map?

The city has expanded the areas in which dense development is allowed up to one mile (or more in some cases) from existing of planned transit. This revised map is called a Sustainable Development Area (SDA). You can find articles on this (unsustainable) construct in our Email Archive.


If you live up to a mile away from transit, your single-family zoned neighborhood is now eligible for City Hall loopholes that encourage developers to buy single-family homes and turn them into de facto apartment complexes — such as San Diego's Bonus ADU program.

Mayor Gloria's Planning Department has extended the walking distance to transit from a half-mile to a full mile, even though federal, state, local, and academic studies show that most people will not use transit if further than a half-mile walk away.

The Planning Department relies on residents thinking that they won’t be affected by regulations that target single-family neighborhoods, and the Sustainable Development Area (SDA) is no exception.


If you are unsure whether you are among the 50% of homeowners targeted by the new SDA regulations, find out by clicking HERE to view the adopted zoning map for SDAs, TPAs, and Complete Communities Housing Solutions.

USER TIP:  Select the Layers tab as shown in the screenshot below to view and select different zoning layers. (And if you're confused by the map, imagine how challenging it's going to be for DSD to administer.)


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