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Our Mission

Working Towards a Better San Diego

Neighbors For A Better San Diego is a grassroots organization that has been formed to protect neighborhoods from the development of apartment buildings in the backyards of single-family homes. By bringing homeowners back into the discussion of urban development, we seek the creation of policies that benefit homeowners, renters, small businesses and other stakeholders.

Raising Awareness

Educating homeowners on the negative impact that recent single-family zoning changes will have on their neighborhoods

Organizing Neighbors

Making sure that our voices are heard in City Hall and Sacramento

Supporting Smart Growth

Advocating for planning policies that transform our transit corridors with environmentally friendly and inclusive development, which will benefit homeowners, renters, and small businesses alike​

We can be reached at:

Neighbors For A Better San Diego

P.O. Box 244

4142 Adams Ave #103

San Diego, CA 92116