Contact Your San Diego City Officials

Last October, our City Council decimated residential zoning and set the stage for the corporate takeover of San Diego's residential neighborhoods. When changes are large, they should follow the same legal procedures as actual rezoning.

San Diego is coming under attack from well-organized YIMBYs. Elected officials need to hear from residents across the city about the importance of placing a one-year moratorium on the 2020 neighborhood-killing zoning changes until more thoughtful, transparent, and comprehensive policies can be implemented.

Will you take a minute to send a letter to your Mayor and Council Member (listed below) and tell them you OPPOSE these terrible changes to our municipal codes? If you can, we encourage you to add a personal note about why this is important to you.


San Diego Mayor and City Council:

Mayor Todd Gloria

Joe LaCava

District 1

Jennifer Campbell

District 2

Stephen Whitburn

District 3

Council President Pro Tem 
Monica Montgomery

District 4

Marni von Wilpert

District 5

Chris Cate

District 6

Raul Campillo

District 7

Vivian Moreno

District 8

Council President
Sean Elo-Rivera

District 9