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Latest Updates

September 30, 2022

Shut Out, But Not Shutting Up

After  waiting 7 months to see the Planning Department's revisions for the  College Area Community Plan Update, many of you were locked out of last  night's long-awaited meeting on September 28th, 2022... (open)

September 29, 2022


We  are very sorry to report that tonight's College Area Community Plan  Update Committee Meeting is having two unexpected technical issues:

The meeting has unexpectedly capped out at 100 participants


The Chat has been disabled ...(open)

September 28, 2022

Reminder & Registration: College Area Plan Update Committee Meeting

The community's proposal has been submitted to the Planning Department to be considered  alongside whatever plans the Planning Department proposes. This plan,  which is based on the City's GIS data (SanGIS SANDAG GIS Data  Warehouse), provides 10,524 potential additional housing units without  significantly upzoning the area's single-family neighborhoods. You can  read more about the Community Update and our proposal here... (open)


Position Papers

October 5, 2021

Updated ADU Code Revision for SB 9

"4 MEANS 4"

September 15, 2021

Getting Traction with San Diego City Council

San Diego City Council takes a first step towards revising its ADU code.

September 14, 2021

Proposed Revision of San Diego ADU Code

Full details of NFABSD's ADU code changes proposed to the Mayor and City Council