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Neighbors For A Better San Diego emailed a survey on San Diego housing issues to all candidates on the November 8th, 2022 San Diego City Council ballot. We've entered the results into our at-a-glance chart to show where the candidates stand on policies that affect single-family neighborhoods.

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District 2 Results:

Jennifer Campbell (incumbent) did not respond

Linda Lukacs* completed and submitted survey

*Click to read additional candidate comments


District 4 Results:

Gloria Evangelista completed and submitted survey

Monica Montgomery Steppe (incumbent) did not respond

District 6 Results:

Kent Lee did not respond

Tommy Hough completed and submitted survey

District 8 Results:

Vivian Moreno (incumbent) did not respond

Antonio Martinez did not respond


Candidates were given the option to agree, disagree, have no opinion, or add additional comments to the following six statements:

1. San Diego should not move forward with adopting SB 10 as proposed in Mayor Gloria’s second Housing Action Package.

2. San Diego neighborhoods are being asked to absorb increased density, but the City seems unable to enforce existing zoning regulations. San Diego should not encourage infill development when we don’t have the capacity to enforce code.

3. San Diego’s “Bonus” ADU Program should be replaced with incentives that encourage homeowners, instead of outside investors, to build Affordable ADUs.

4. San Diego should reform its Transit Priority Area Map to reflect walking distance instead of as-the-crow-flies distance.

5. Future transit stops make up a large part of the Transit Priority Area Map. San Diego should revise the map to include only existing or funded transit.

6. San Diego should incentivize redevelopment of commercial properties on transit corridors to include housing.

Thank you to the candidates who made time to take our survey and share their positions on San Diego's housing issues.

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