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San Diego City Council Candidate Survey on San Diego Housing Issues
— District 2 Candidate Answers —

Incumbent Jen Campbell did not respond to our survey. The answers and comments below are from Council District 2 Candidate Linda Lukacs:

District 2 Candidate Linda Lukacs Survey Results:

Q1  San Diego should not move forward with adopting SB 10 as proposed in Mayor Gloria’s second Housing Action Package.

Linda Lukacs:  AGREE

Comments:  I love our city, I cherish it’s character and charm. I also appreciate the gravity of the housing crisis that we currently face and have sadly faced for quite some time now. With increasing interest and mortgage rates I cannot imagine this situation easing in the near future.

We have a responsibility to those who have dedicated their life and work to their neighborhoods, businesses and homes. It is, in my opinion, imperative that we remain very specific and very careful in establishing what constitutes or should constitute a transit-rich area. Failing to do so facilitates and entices abuse.


Excessive number of units on a single parcel of residential density neither seems appropriate nor in concert with the character and culture of our city and community. I would be remiss if I didn’t also note that this scenario would certainly overtax present and available infrastructure.


Q2  San Diego neighborhoods are being asked to absorb increased density, but the City seems unable to enforce existing zoning regulations. San Diego should not encourage infill development when we don’t have the capacity to enforce code.

Linda Lukacs:  AGREE

Comments:  This insightful question/statement reflects realistically on valid concerns and challenges. Growth and evolution are generally considered inevitable and requisite for survival and stability. Without some measure of growth the economy staggers and ultimately supportive and aged infrastructure fails. Prudent, judicious, thoughtful and positive regulations and codes should ideally yield improvement in our quality of life, afford us safe and positive growth while instituting appropriate checks and balances. As always, balance is needed. Without appropriate supervision and enforcement, beneficial and critical growth is frustrated and strangled. The onus is on us to ensure that a favorable balance is established and that integrity is preserved.


Q3  San Diego’s “Bonus” ADU Program should be replaced with incentives that encourage homeowners, instead of outside investors, to build Affordable ADUs.

Linda Lukacs:  — See comment

Comments:  I support both limits to the number or ADUs allowed per property as well as incentivizing local property owners to live onsite in addition to building affordable ADUs. In my opinion, ADUs should respect property setbacks, have appropriate and designated parking spots, allow for emergency access, and not detract from the neighborhood.


Q4  San Diego should reform its Transit Priority Area Map to reflect walking distance instead of as-the-crow-flies distance.

Linda Lukacs:  — See comment

Comments:  My answer is perhaps. While this seems both practical and reasonable, I do not feel that at present I know enough about the subject to appropriately comment or establish a definitive position. I appreciate the importance of the question as well as the importance of responding to your query in a timely fashion, as such I will have to research this matter further.

Q5  Future transit stops make up a large part of the Transit Priority Area Map. San Diego should revise the map to include only existing or funded transit.

Linda Lukacs:  DISAGREE

Comments:  While this is ideal, we do need a roadmap for the future. That said, development projects should not be started without the identification and commitment of a funding source.

We are currently at a very important juncture with respect to community dissatisfaction and disappointment, wasteful spending and duplicative efforts by our local government. As you’ve so well noted, elements of our critical infrastructure are failing at a frightening rate. At the same time we’re trying to facilitate viable and convenient access, community health and exercise measures as well as transportation efforts while being environmentally and fiscally sound.

Without proper foresight and planning we are doomed to struggle and/or fail. We’ve already lost or wasted so much taxpayer money and federal funding by failing to adequately communicate with the populace and communities, we’ve been short sighted in our planning and all too often resorted to band- aiding problems instead of addressing root causes and appropriate long lasting repair, reconstruction and development. Providing requisite safety and daily life requirements and enhancements demand responsible approaches. I do not believe that, reflecting upon where we are today, it would be prudent to not formally consider, plan for or accomodate requisite repair and growth efforts that are absolutely critical. Too many of our friends and neighbors are struggling to survive here.


Q6  San Diego should incentivize redevelopment of commercial properties on transit corridors to include housing.

Linda Lukacs:  AGREE

Comments:  Judicious incentivization can prove to be an excellent stimulus and motivator in these trying times.



We'd like to thank Candidate Lukacs for completing our survey and providing detailed comments.

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