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June 4, 2021

Action Alert for SB 9! June 9 Assembly Committee Meeting

SB 9 to be heard June 9 by the Assembly Local Government Committee

SB 9 has been assigned to the Assembly Local Government Committee to be heard June 9, 2021. For more information on SB 9, please click here.

We need to get our position papers in today. We can't afford to miss this deadline. Send directly to: Even if it is a short letter please get your comments in today. You can re-use the position paper you sent to the Senate or see below letters from John Gonzales and Sherman Oaks Homeowners.

Possible talking points:

1. Sacramento has failed to fund affordable housing to the tune of $1B a year for the last ten years. Causing cities the inability to develop affordable housing. This occurred because of the demise of redevelopment funds.

2. There are hundreds of miles of underutilized commercial corridors that cities could use to add affordable housing if the State funded affordable housing. Cities know best where to add housing. Using our commercial corridors can greatly improve the vitality of our cities. These areas must be addressed first.

3. Use public lands that are now underutilized. Here is where cities could build 100% affordable housing, particularly with the support of the State.

4. No required upgrade to infrastructure and no CEQA review on SB 9.

5. SB 9 is an unrealistic option for the average homeowner. In order to split a lot and build four 800 sf units, at a typical cost of $300 per sf, a homeowner that wishes to split their lot would have to qualify for a nearly a $1M loan. This is only for developers. The bill does not even mandate affordable housing, does not require infrastructure improvements, or does not allow public input. Developers should not determine our cities.

6. This bill will create more market rate housing and cause displacement and gentrification in our communities of color.

7. This assault on single-family neighborhoods is unjust. Sacramento should take the blame for failing to produce affordable housing. Cities that have worked hard to add this housing should not be penalized.

Submit your position papers to the State portal by close of business today (6/4/21):

After that you can send your paper to:

Our position papers are the same as before. You can use your position paper for SB 9. Just address the Assembly, Local Government Committee. We have an example written by John Gonzales attached and Sherman Oaks Homeowners to help you. The shorter the better.

For sample letters, click here:

It's also important for your Assemblymembers to hear from you directly:

Most San Diegans are in Christopher Ward (District 78) or Dr. Akilah Weber's (District 79) districts.

Here is Assemblymember Ward’s contact info:

And Assemblymember Weber's contact info:

If you're not sure, you can use this link to find your representative:

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