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San Diego City Council Candidate Questionnaire on San Diego Housing Issues
— District 8 Candidate Answers —

Neighbors For A Better San Diego emailed a questionnaire on San Diego housing issues to every candidate running for the 2022 San Diego City Council election.


We've grouped candidate responses by District. The following responses are from District 8 candidates.

Council District 8 Candidate List:

No candidate responses from District 8 -

Vivian Moreno   (has not responded)

Antonio Martinez    (has not responded)

The following instructions were given to candidates:  If elected to the City Council, housing will be a key issue for you to address. So that voters can better understand your perspectives and positions, we are asking all candidates for City Council (Districts 2,4, 6, and 8) to complete this housing and development questionnaire.

The following topics are covered in this questionnaire: infill development in single-family neighborhoods, infrastructure funding, and development and transit.

After you complete the questionnaire, we will also offer you the opportunity to attend a town hall meeting in your district, hosted by Neighbors For A Better San Diego.

Q1 Candidate's Name: 

Q2  Candidate for District Number:

Q3  By indicating “yes” below, I acknowledge that the results of this survey will be published by Neighbors For A Better San Diego:


Q4  Should SB9 developments be allowed in Very High Fire Hazard Severity zones?  (Click for full question)


Q5  Should the City Council restrict the number of ADUs allowed in Very High Fire Hazard Severity zones?  (Click for full question)


Q6  Should San Diego’s ADU regulations be revised to match the state limitation of one ADU and one JADU on a single-family property?  (Click for full question)

Q7  Would you support changing the standard of measurement [for the Transit Priority Area] to actual walking distance, instead of the current “crow flies” distance?  (Click for full question)

Q8  In his January, 2022 State of the City Address, Mayor Gloria said he will implement SB10. Do you support implementation of SB10?  (Click for full question)


Q9  If you responded "yes" to the prior question, what, if any, restrictions would you place on SB10 developments?

Q10  Should San Diego collect all allowable fees on ADU and SB9 development?  (Click for full question)


Q11  Given that the San Diego City Council voted 8-1 to override Proposition H and divert voter- supported infrastructure funding back into the general fund, how should San Diego pay for its infrastructure needs?

Q12  Should San Diego fund bike lanes with DIFs instead of prioritizing parks and other public improvements?  (Click for full question)


Q13  How specifically should the city incentivize housing on transit and commercial corridors?  (Click for full question)


Q14  Please elaborate on any of your answers or your vision for how to manage San Diego’s growth, address housing challenges, and create a more livable and equitable city.

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