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Mayor Gloria withdraws SB 10 from Housing Package

Updated 10/6/2023

On August 3, the Planning Commission unanimously rejected Mayor Todd Gloria’s effort to impose massive upzoning in our single-family neighborhoods. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, “the mayor’s office confirmed Thursday that it will not be pushing for Senate Bill 10 to be part of the housing package going forward.”


We couldn’t have achieved this important victory without the grassroots efforts of groups across San Diego, including the organizers of last weekend’s rally, San Diegans For Responsible Growth, and the many residents who posted signs, spoke, or ceded time at the August 3rd Planning Commission meeting, and contacted their Councilmembers to voice their opposition to SB 10.

The Planning Commission's recommendation to pull SB 10 is great news and a testament to effective citizen action.



Although SB 10 has been formally removed from the Housing Action Package 2.0, there are powerful and well-funded groups who will be pushing to bring it back in the next Housing Action Package. It's safe to take your yard sign down, but we recommend keeping it in storage for the time being.

We again thank everyone who posted a sign – the visible display of opposition to SB 10 was a key part of persuading the Mayor to back off of SB 10. As always, we will keep you informed of any updates.


BACKGROUND INFO ON SB 10 Mayor Gloria and his backers in Sacramento hoped that San Diego would be the first city in California to implement SB 10, but this plan was derailed when the Mayor went way beyond the intention and expectations of the State legislature.


Click here to view what San Diego proposed.


Winter 2023 —> Initial Public Engagement

Spring 2023 —> Draft Regulations Developed 

June 1, 2023 —> Planning Commission continues SB 10 proposal to August 3


       —> Mayor pulls SB 10 FROM Housing Package

Summer 2023 —> City Council Committee (LU&H) 

Summer 2023 —> City Council Adoption

Our Key Objections to SB 10

Screen Shot - Key Objections.png

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