A Ballot Measure to STOP Sacramento Centralized Zoning Like SB9, SB10 and AB1401.

NFABSD supports the Communities For Choice state-wide initiative that will UNDO SB 9 and SB 10.

Please visit Communities For Choice to learn more.


This is a heavy lift. There is a lot to do in a short period of time:


1) Please get the word out. This impacts ALL Californians. Tell as many of your family, friends and neighbors, etc. as possible. Have them in turn tell as many Californians as they can and so forth.


2) We're up against special interests with deep pockets. Contribute what you can afford. It is estimated that at least $2M is needed to hire a firm that runs organized signature gathering. PR people and lobbyists are also needed to combat the YIMBY machine. Hence the estimated $10M price tag. This is to increase the likelihood of success.


Also, please considering donating your time. Support will be needed to gather signatures and educate the public.


3) This could be as profound as Prop 13. A recent poll showed that over 2/3 of Californians oppose the elimination of single-family zoned housing, which SB9 & SB10 achieve. This state constitutional amendment would retroactively undo SB9 & SB10. However, we are up against special interests with deep pockets. Do what you can.


Here is a summary of the process:


• The initiative was submitted to the CA Attorney General on 8/25.

• It is now open for public comment for 30 days.

• Thereafter those comments can be considered.

• The Attorney General will then title and summarize the initiative.

• All of the above should take about 3 months.


Then the clock starts ticking and the group has 180 days to collect approximately 1.4 million signatures to get on the ballot for Nov. 2022 election. They anticipate this will cost $10 million.


The group needs volunteers to collect signatures and they need money.  You can volunteer and donate by clicking here.


On the question of how this amendment would affect existing state zoning laws, we understand that the state constitutional amendment would undo any preexisting state land use and zoning laws and that they would become null and void.


Communities for Choice aligns with the following NFABSD's positions:

  • California has a shortage of affordable housing, which must be addressed directly and at the local level

  • Zoning/land use laws coming out of Sacramento will incentivize developers to build market-rate housing

  • Trickle-down housing does not work and won't produce affordable housing

  • Zoning/land use laws coming out of Sacramento will destroy single-family neighborhoods and remove wealth-building opportunities associated with home ownership.


Neighbors for A Better San Diego is supportive of this initiative. We ask that you read the Communities for Choice ballot initiative website and join us.